The Morning Weigh-In

Abs Diet

Okay, so I’ve made some new decisions.  My Abs Diet book arrived from the seller, and I’ve read it all the way through again.  I hope that even if I don’t technically lose weight, I can at least lose fat in my stomach.  To that end, I have switched to the Abs’ exercise program, though at a more advanced level than the one at which it suggests one starts out.  I’ve been working out hard for years though, so doing the minimum doesn’t seem advisable, and anyway I’m sticking to the basic outline.

Mondays: Ab workout, circuit training prescribed by the book

Tuesdays: Interval running: 5 minute warm up, 16 minutes of alternating between high intensity running and lower intensity walking, 5 minute cool down

Wednesday: Ab workout, circuit training

Thursday: Interval running

Friday: Circuit Training with extra leg exercises the other days’ program doesn’t include

Saturday: Ab workout, interval running

Sunday: Off

Changes to my diet:

1. I am going to try to not count calories!

2. Oh, yeah, I also stopped smoking cigarettes.  Before I usually smoked a few when I drank alcohol.

3. I’m going to try to limit myself to 2-3 drinks per week, which can be consumed any days, but I know myself well enough that I should probably try to save them up for Friday or Saturday night.  I’ve also purchased some stuff that should make it easier to stick to this.

4. Per the Abs diet instructions, I am supposed to include more protein in my diet.  As always I will try to limit simple carbs, especially high fructose corn syrup, of which I try not to consume any, and saturated fats.  And obviously I will try to avoid all trans fats/hydrogenated oil.

5. Also, I will be having 3 meals and 3 snacks each day, spaced out like so:


3 hours later


2 hours later


3 hours later

Snack (almost always a protein shake, before my workout regimen)

2 hours later


2 hours later


Each of the meals should have two of the Abs diet “super foods”, and each of the snacks should include at least 1 of them.  The “super foods” are basically veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, whey protein, beans, low/non fat dairy, lean meat, eggs, and healthful oils like olive and canola.

The meals I’ll have will be roughly 400 calories and the snacks roughly 200 each, so a calorie counting will be built in, without me painstakingly and neurotically counting them.  There will also inherently be some variation between days in how many calories I have, probably ranging from 1700 to 2000, which is good since I was wondering if having the exact same amount every day made my body less vigilant about depleting its fat stores.

With last week’s holiday and travelling, I wasn’t really vigilant myself about following the diet, so this week I’ll be starting in earnest.  Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you want, though it’s not like ‘m not always resolving something about weight loss.


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