The Morning Weigh-In

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This Week’s Success

Monday: no weigh in, had Mediterranean food for dinner, so obviously went way over calories

Tuesday: 142.1, again went out to eat for dinner :[

Wednesday: 142.9 (fuck!), followed diet

Thursday: 141.9 (that’s a little better…)

Friday: 141.7 (a little progress anyway, and I got my period for the first time in few months!!)

Saturday: 139.5 (holler!!! had Beefy King for lunch :])

Sunday: 140.1 (not bad for what I ate), okay so I went to Jason’s Deli and ate a little (heh) too much from the salad buffet, but I’ll be good this week (at least Monday through Thursday)

I also think I’ll implement a very-few-carbs rule for my last 200 calorie snack of the day from now on.   Anyway, I think I’m back on track!