The Morning Weigh-In


Okay, so a few weeks ago I was frustrated that my crappy scale kept showing me at 137.4 every day, despite all my dieting and exercise.  I hadn’t used it in weeks until this morning, and now I’m at 141.4.  I guess I knew it would be this way, I can tell looking at my body naked or clothed that I’ve put on a few pounds, but I supposed there was still hope for a prettier number.  And that scale is generous. Generously low, that is.  I’m fairly certain of that anyway, and I’ve ordered a better one, which should arrive tomorrow.  Anyway I did have a really excellent poop later this morning, so maybe that weigh in number was inflated…

I will try my best not to weight myself daily as has been my habit for most of the last 8 years.  The morning after my new scale comes in, I’ll weigh myself (after peeing of course) on both scales, just to see how that compares, and then I’ll start weighing in only on Sunday mornings before I do my weekly blog update.

I’m really trying to give the Abs Diet a fair shake here since it all sounds reasonable, logical, and scientific, and a lot of the stuff I’ve done  in the past has been, well, open to criticism (i.e. dried peanut butter mixed with sugar free maple syrup for dessert).  Maybe I have to let my body have enough of all these good calories and refrain from doing so much potentially muscle burning cardio for long enough to get into a good system, but I’m afraid of gaining more weight.  I think maybe part of the problem could be that the strength training program just isn’t tough enough for me, so I’m trying to find ways to make it more challenging without spending too much extra time since that’s one of my goals for this diet: not having to spend 10 hours or more per week in the gym.  I plan to buy 12 lb weights when I next get to Target or Wal-Mart (yes, Wal-Mart, you hippies).  At my apartment complex’s dinky little gym, all we have are two 8 lb weights and one 10 lb weight, so I’ve been switching one 8 lb and one 10 lb between hands for each exercise.  A neighbor of mine donated 2 adjustable dumbbells, but some jackass has subsequently stolen the clips to keep the weights on from one of them.

Here’s what let’s do.  I will continue the Abs Diet as I have been doing it, with interval cardio only thrice per week until Sunday.  If I weigh in at the same or more (“god” forbid), I will add more cardio next week.  I really don’t want to start counting calories again since my friends will not stop ridiculing me for it, giving me a hard time if I don’t want to go out to restaurants or have a drink or two any ol’ day of the week.

Speaking of which!  I have done well this week on alcohol.  I had three glasses of champagne on Thursday night for my sister’s birthday, and that is all I’ve had for the week.  The goal is only 2-3 per week, but I can have them any time, so I’m doing well there.  This shit’d better start translating into weight loss, goddammit.


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