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Episode 3: I Lose My Mind

Sorry about the lateness.  Technical problems.  Also, sorry this video is crazy, but there was little to be done about it.  The next one will be a lot more reasonable.


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December Continues to be Difficult, Episode 2

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About Time for an Update

It’s certainly been a while.  Everything has changed.  I now work at Trader Joe’s instead of Maoz vegetarian restaurant.  I have way less time to work out at the gym, averaging 1.8 visits per week these days.  My free weights see a bit of action at home though, and the most fun development is that I’ve started having little dance parties alone in my room with some frequency.  It’s a lot of fun, moving around however I want to, using the bunk beds (yeah, I sleep in a bunk bed) and other furniture as sort of more interesting stripper pole-esque props.

I also now diet 5 days per week with 2 off days, but I always have to move around the off days depending on what’s going on in my life.  On my “on diet days,” I aim for 1200 calories, though I probably wind up consuming 1300-1400 most days.  I just can’t have as many calories now that I don’t do as much formal working out.  Living in NYC though, I do walk a lot and climb up a minimum of 12 flights of stairs per day, many days climbing 2 or 3 times that.

I keep track of my weekly and monthly weight ranges, and I don’t go crazy if I miss a weigh in day here or there.  It’s weird, living in NYC, I often feel as if I’m losing my mind and becoming increasingly more neurotic with each day, but I have also learned how to not be so neurotically fastidious about my dieting, work outs, and weigh ins.

This Week’s Weight Range: 140.3-142

Month so far: 139.8-144.2

Lessons from New Smyrna Beach

I’ve been thinking (and reading) about how sunlight might be an issue for my weight loss goals. My theory is that my silly white ancestors who moved north of the wonderful tropics needed to store weight in the winter months of famine when the sun wasn’t helping shit grow.  So some mechanism has evolved, in white people at least, where without much sunlight, we don’t burn as much fat.

This theory of mine is supported by my admittedly anecdotal evidence that the three times I’ve started putting weight back on have been in the fall and winter months.

So I think I need to tan, at least a few times a week.  I’m thinking I should try to get an average of 30 minutes in the sun per day.  Not as easy in the winter, but I live in Florida, so I’ll find a way to manage.  This week, for instance, I’m staying at a beach house.  The woman I’m house sitting for, at the end of a note about the needs of her cats and plants, wrote this funny little thing about the beach having magical, healing properties, which I thought was kind of silly.  Until that night, when I was converted.

This week has also given me new theories.  I have been weighing myself daily, but it’s because there’s a really good scale here.  I think I need to invest in a good scale and call that $20 one a loss.

I also think that I’ll change my diet to what I’ll call the Vacation Diet.  Perhaps eating the same stuff every day for the most part and eating the same amount of calories per day (which has been 1800 calories), perhaps I should try to eat differently every day, as one does on vacation.  I also exercise differently every day.  The times I’ve been thin and gone on vacations of one week or longer, vacations that I feared might wreak havoc on my diet, I actually lost 1-3 lbs each time.  On this trip, I’ve not been counting calories and am definitely not spending as much time exercising (though I’ve been doing some every day for sure), and I’ve been steadily losing weight.  I’ve gone from about 141 to about 139 since Monday.