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About Time for an Update

It’s certainly been a while.  Everything has changed.  I now work at Trader Joe’s instead of Maoz vegetarian restaurant.  I have way less time to work out at the gym, averaging 1.8 visits per week these days.  My free weights see a bit of action at home though, and the most fun development is that I’ve started having little dance parties alone in my room with some frequency.  It’s a lot of fun, moving around however I want to, using the bunk beds (yeah, I sleep in a bunk bed) and other furniture as sort of more interesting stripper pole-esque props.

I also now diet 5 days per week with 2 off days, but I always have to move around the off days depending on what’s going on in my life.  On my “on diet days,” I aim for 1200 calories, though I probably wind up consuming 1300-1400 most days.  I just can’t have as many calories now that I don’t do as much formal working out.  Living in NYC though, I do walk a lot and climb up a minimum of 12 flights of stairs per day, many days climbing 2 or 3 times that.

I keep track of my weekly and monthly weight ranges, and I don’t go crazy if I miss a weigh in day here or there.  It’s weird, living in NYC, I often feel as if I’m losing my mind and becoming increasingly more neurotic with each day, but I have also learned how to not be so neurotically fastidious about my dieting, work outs, and weigh ins.

This Week’s Weight Range: 140.3-142

Month so far: 139.8-144.2


Well this is depressing

Last Monday: 143.0

Tuesday: 141.6

Wednesday: 141.2 – Mmkay, mmkay, not as fast as I’d like for a Tuesday to Wednesday, but acceptable…

Thursday: 141.7 – What the fuck???  I followed my diet/exercise program!  The only thing I did differently this week was that I started doing a bit of cardio first thing in the morning before eating, which was supposed to burn straight fat.  It may have backfired.

Friday: 142.0 – What the goddamnfuckingshit!?!?!?!11!? Again, no cheating!  This is when I decided to stop doing pre-breakfast cardio, on the theory that maybe it was putting me into “starvation mode.”  I was good most of this day even though it was a weekend day, until dinner when I had a lot of BBQ and half of this super indulgent chocolate dessert.

Saturday: Skipped weigh in, didn’t want to psych myself out, was more or less reasonable this day, of course did work out program (I really should only mention if I actually miss working out since this almost never happens)

Sunday: 142.9, Well it could be worse.  I was pretty good Sunday, except at night I had three glasses of wine (I had to use the rest of a bottle up my sister left or else it would’ve gone bad!)…and then I had a beer…and then I found an old pack of 6 Oreos…and then I put PB on one of them…and then I had a little 80 calorie dessert bar…What is wrong with me… :[

Monday: 143.2 – Well this could’ve been worse.  Anyway I of course went back to my 1800 calories, and I never take any breaks from my workout program, and I’m doing the extra cardio during the day instead of before breakfast, so I was hoping the scale would drop down a good bit, but…

Tuesday: 142.9 – .3 pounds??? :'[

It’s just depressing because I don’t know what to do.  If I add more cardio or eat less food, I’m scared I’m actually going to put my body into starvation mode and gain weight.  Yes, I do need to be better on the weekends, and I am, as always, going to try harder next weekend, but the numbers on the scale ought to be dropping much faster during the week when I’m being good! What to do, what to do…

Okay, time to revamp

I’ve been weighing myself almost daily, naked and after my morning pee, and the results have been dismal:

Sunday: 140.9

Monday: Missed weigh in

Tuesday: 141.4

Wednesday: 141.9

Thursday: 141.9

Friday: 141.8

Saturday: Missed weigh in

Sunday: 142.4!

This is a chart of first my old workout, and then the new, revamped workout I’m starting today to turn this train around:

Mondays: Ab workout, and circuit training prescribed by the book

Addition: 200 calories on cardio machines

Tuesdays: Interval running: 5 minute warm up, 16 minutes of alternating between high intensity running and lower intensity walking, 5 minute cool down

Addition: Same, but this must last until I burn at least 350 calories, so instead of 16 minutes, it’ll probably be more like 20

Wednesday: Ab workout, circuit training

Addition: 200 calories on cardio machines

Thursday: Interval running

Addition: Must burn at  least 400 calories in run

Friday: Circuit Training with extra leg exercises the other days’ program doesn’t include

Change: Now Friday will be the Abs workout that used to be on Saturday, plus some light cardio (this is basically the “rest” day)

Saturday: Ab workout, interval running

Change: Circuit Training with extra leg exercises the other days’ program doesn’t include, plus 200 calories of cardio

Sunday: Off

Change: 450 calories on machines

Other than the interval running, the cardio can be on the treadmill walking or running, or on the stationary bike, or the elliptical machine, or I can walk, jog or run outside, or swim, or play tennis, volleyball etc. (and then just guess at the calories).

This will mean way more calories burned throughout the week.  I’m into the idea of building muscle to burn fat, but the fact is, a couple extra pounds of muscle isn’t going to make up for all of the cardio I’ve dropped, so it’s time to bring it back.

Of course my diet has still changed in accordance with the Abs Diet, and the workouts are from the Abs book, and I’ve incorporated ideas from it into this schedule.  And I got those 12 lb weights, so that’s been good.  Anyway, we’ll see how this goes in the coming week.

Well Fuck Me

I weighed in at 140.7 on my new fancy schmancy scale on Monday (I was unable to do so on Sunday morning before eating).   This was the same weight I registered the day it came in (Tuesday of last week), so no progress.  I’m not sure what to change exactly.  I did have 4 beers instead of 2-3, and two of those beers were really highly caloric, so I can at least do better on that this week for sure.

Maybe I’ll do more light aerobic stuff throughout the week too.  My Abs Diet book tells me not to do too much as I will undue the good I’m doing on my strength training workouts, so it’s just hard to decide.  I do need to get some 12 lb weights still, and I’m making my work outs more varied this week (working my muscles different ways on different days), so I hope that helps.

I’ve also decided maybe I have a fucking gluten allergy, which is bull shit because I don’t really believe in “allergies”, but I have to rule it out I guess (the farting and bloating very much still at it).  So after I use up the delicious pumpernickel bread I just bought, I will try going gluten free for a week to see if it helps.

I’m also using up the last bit of cheese I have and will be trying to go lactose free to see if that helps.  Who fucking knows anymore.  Yogurt is supposed to help with that, right?  I bought a bunch of organic Greek yogurt (and some regular organic yogurt ’cause it was just way cheaper), and I’ve switched to organic plain light soy milk (allow me to send out a shout out to Publix, who offers all sorts of store brand, organic, relatively low priced items), from the non organic stuff I had been buying.

Soon I won’t have anything left at home that has any artificial sweetener in it either, so maybe that’ll help.

Oh, I also had been taking several supplements, which I’ve reduced to just 5-htp (keeps my OCD at bay), a multivitamin, and st. john’s wort, plus a pill of digestive enzymes at every meal as that might help.

And I bought all sorts of different fruits and vegetables of course, but more varied this time than usual, to sort of keep my body on its toes, so to speak.

I’m just trying to get rid of anything that could be causing the problem.  Once I get the problem to go away, I’ll add one thing I want back at a time to see if the problem comes back, thereby finding the goddamned culprit.