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On the Right Track

Monday: 143.2 – As I already mentioned

Tuesday: 142.9 – So on this day, I started taking lactase before any dairy and Beano before, well, every eating event ’cause there’s fiber in just about every meal or snack I have.

Wednesday: 141.8 – Awesome!  And I could tell throughout the whole day that my digestion was working much better.  The gas is about 6% of what it was just the day before,  there’s none of that gurgling uncomfortably around my stomach crap, and I started having 2-3 bowel movements each day!  I was just crossing my fingers that the weight loss would continue too…

Thursday: 140.8 – Hooray!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  What do ya know, apparently my body just needed to be able to digest the food I eat.

Friday: 140.2 – The progress is understandably slowing, .6 of a pound is still excellent for a 4th day in a row of dieting.  And it’s down from last Friday’s 142.0.  Of course I was off my diet Friday.  I had a healthful breakfast, then I went to a French place and had an indulgent meal (my sister had a gift card) of bread and butter, a caesar salad, veal, a little potato thing, a glass of red wine, and then Cami and I shared a small creme brulee and a banana and ice cream thingy.  And then I had an iced latte.  Then I didn’t have much food the rest of the day but did have 4 beers.

Saturday: 141.5 – Didn’t get to weigh in first thing, but oh well.  I was pretty good the whole day until at night when for some emotional and financial reasons that are only quasi-logical I had a #1 from Wendy’s (with a Coke Zero, no ketchup or mustard, and with ranch for my fries) and a frosty-chino, which was delicious.  Then I accidentally ate a 390 calorie bag of mini oreos.  But then I went back to the gym for a third time to tack on an extra 425 calorie work out to mitigate the damages.

Sunday: 141.5 – Not bad at all, especially since last week’s Sunday high was 143.4, I like the outlook of this week, especially if I can act like at least a semi-normal human being today (and there’s really not much junk food in the house anymore after I found that old bag of mini Oreos my sister had.  I hope she didn’t want those…)

Also, I still have some cheese in the fridge, so I’m still using the lactase, but I’ve changed my grocery list to non-dairy products.  In lieu of cheese, I will buy avocados and hummus (And I think I can even save a little money this way).  Every now and then I might buy vegan “cheese” or lactose free/lactase-enhanced cheese, but that stuff is expensive and has a lot of questionable ingredients, so I probably won’t do it often.  I will, however, presumably have to take Beano 6 times a day for the rest of my life, but oh well.


Well Fuck Me

I weighed in at 140.7 on my new fancy schmancy scale on Monday (I was unable to do so on Sunday morning before eating).   This was the same weight I registered the day it came in (Tuesday of last week), so no progress.  I’m not sure what to change exactly.  I did have 4 beers instead of 2-3, and two of those beers were really highly caloric, so I can at least do better on that this week for sure.

Maybe I’ll do more light aerobic stuff throughout the week too.  My Abs Diet book tells me not to do too much as I will undue the good I’m doing on my strength training workouts, so it’s just hard to decide.  I do need to get some 12 lb weights still, and I’m making my work outs more varied this week (working my muscles different ways on different days), so I hope that helps.

I’ve also decided maybe I have a fucking gluten allergy, which is bull shit because I don’t really believe in “allergies”, but I have to rule it out I guess (the farting and bloating very much still at it).  So after I use up the delicious pumpernickel bread I just bought, I will try going gluten free for a week to see if it helps.

I’m also using up the last bit of cheese I have and will be trying to go lactose free to see if that helps.  Who fucking knows anymore.  Yogurt is supposed to help with that, right?  I bought a bunch of organic Greek yogurt (and some regular organic yogurt ’cause it was just way cheaper), and I’ve switched to organic plain light soy milk (allow me to send out a shout out to Publix, who offers all sorts of store brand, organic, relatively low priced items), from the non organic stuff I had been buying.

Soon I won’t have anything left at home that has any artificial sweetener in it either, so maybe that’ll help.

Oh, I also had been taking several supplements, which I’ve reduced to just 5-htp (keeps my OCD at bay), a multivitamin, and st. john’s wort, plus a pill of digestive enzymes at every meal as that might help.

And I bought all sorts of different fruits and vegetables of course, but more varied this time than usual, to sort of keep my body on its toes, so to speak.

I’m just trying to get rid of anything that could be causing the problem.  Once I get the problem to go away, I’ll add one thing I want back at a time to see if the problem comes back, thereby finding the goddamned culprit.