The Morning Weigh-In

Arrrrgh, Frustration in The City

I haven’t posted in a while because I moved to New York City a few weeks ago and have been very busy.  That said, I’ve also been dieting my ass off.  Unfortunately I can’t claim that literally.  Well, not that I want to lose my ass, but you know.

Basically I’ve been dieting 5 days per week now instead of 4, and I’ve been only consuming about 1500 calories on each diet day.  This doesn’t seem to be working well.  Unless it’s the fact that I’ve run out of multivitamins and 5 HTP pills.  I’ve also been working at this one vegetarian restaurant and eating most of my meals from there.  And while I have been counting calories and eating mostly vegetables from there, some of it has been fried, so I’m going on a nothing fried diet for at least a week (yes, even on off diet days), and then I think I’ll make “nothing fried” a rule for all “on diet” days after that.

I’m going to buy more of those pills too, but I also think I’ll change my calorie totals to this:

Wednesday: Off diet day, Strength Training, cardio: 300

Thursday: Off diet day, Cardio: 500

Friday = 1800 – ST, and c: 200

Saturday = 1500 – Cardio: 400

Sunday = 1800 – ST, c: 200

Monday = 1600 – C: 400

Tuesday = 1500 – off work out

Because I think I must be going into starvation mode sometimes.  This is going to work, folks, it’s. going. to. work.


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