The Morning Weigh-In

Quick Update

I went on a trip and was a little off schedule, so I’m just gonna jump back in every Sunday from now on again.  This morning I weighted 142.3.

3.10: 141.8, Then Cami convinced me to go out to eat on a Wednesday night due to Delta Skymiles, an coupon, and really delicious food (at Zenzi), and though I tried to keep my caloric intake reasonable and did some extra cardio…

3.11: 143.3

3.12: 141.8

3.13: 141.8- Hey, not bad considering I had a beer, some burnt cookies I’d attempted, a bowl of fruit, honey, vanilla wafers, and graham crackers and honey, and a random sandwich last night.  Cami and I went out to eat for lunch too (at Cafe 118, which I highly recommend to anyone), but that was healthful and relatively low cal.  I’m going to attempt to be “on diet” today.  But I’ll be working at the chocolate shop for 6 hours, so we’ll see…


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