The Morning Weigh-In

On the Right Track

Monday: 143.2 – As I already mentioned

Tuesday: 142.9 – So on this day, I started taking lactase before any dairy and Beano before, well, every eating event ’cause there’s fiber in just about every meal or snack I have.

Wednesday: 141.8 – Awesome!  And I could tell throughout the whole day that my digestion was working much better.  The gas is about 6% of what it was just the day before,  there’s none of that gurgling uncomfortably around my stomach crap, and I started having 2-3 bowel movements each day!  I was just crossing my fingers that the weight loss would continue too…

Thursday: 140.8 – Hooray!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  What do ya know, apparently my body just needed to be able to digest the food I eat.

Friday: 140.2 – The progress is understandably slowing, .6 of a pound is still excellent for a 4th day in a row of dieting.  And it’s down from last Friday’s 142.0.  Of course I was off my diet Friday.  I had a healthful breakfast, then I went to a French place and had an indulgent meal (my sister had a gift card) of bread and butter, a caesar salad, veal, a little potato thing, a glass of red wine, and then Cami and I shared a small creme brulee and a banana and ice cream thingy.  And then I had an iced latte.  Then I didn’t have much food the rest of the day but did have 4 beers.

Saturday: 141.5 – Didn’t get to weigh in first thing, but oh well.  I was pretty good the whole day until at night when for some emotional and financial reasons that are only quasi-logical I had a #1 from Wendy’s (with a Coke Zero, no ketchup or mustard, and with ranch for my fries) and a frosty-chino, which was delicious.  Then I accidentally ate a 390 calorie bag of mini oreos.  But then I went back to the gym for a third time to tack on an extra 425 calorie work out to mitigate the damages.

Sunday: 141.5 – Not bad at all, especially since last week’s Sunday high was 143.4, I like the outlook of this week, especially if I can act like at least a semi-normal human being today (and there’s really not much junk food in the house anymore after I found that old bag of mini Oreos my sister had.  I hope she didn’t want those…)

Also, I still have some cheese in the fridge, so I’m still using the lactase, but I’ve changed my grocery list to non-dairy products.  In lieu of cheese, I will buy avocados and hummus (And I think I can even save a little money this way).  Every now and then I might buy vegan “cheese” or lactose free/lactase-enhanced cheese, but that stuff is expensive and has a lot of questionable ingredients, so I probably won’t do it often.  I will, however, presumably have to take Beano 6 times a day for the rest of my life, but oh well.


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