The Morning Weigh-In

Well this is depressing

Last Monday: 143.0

Tuesday: 141.6

Wednesday: 141.2 – Mmkay, mmkay, not as fast as I’d like for a Tuesday to Wednesday, but acceptable…

Thursday: 141.7 – What the fuck???  I followed my diet/exercise program!  The only thing I did differently this week was that I started doing a bit of cardio first thing in the morning before eating, which was supposed to burn straight fat.  It may have backfired.

Friday: 142.0 – What the goddamnfuckingshit!?!?!?!11!? Again, no cheating!  This is when I decided to stop doing pre-breakfast cardio, on the theory that maybe it was putting me into “starvation mode.”  I was good most of this day even though it was a weekend day, until dinner when I had a lot of BBQ and half of this super indulgent chocolate dessert.

Saturday: Skipped weigh in, didn’t want to psych myself out, was more or less reasonable this day, of course did work out program (I really should only mention if I actually miss working out since this almost never happens)

Sunday: 142.9, Well it could be worse.  I was pretty good Sunday, except at night I had three glasses of wine (I had to use the rest of a bottle up my sister left or else it would’ve gone bad!)…and then I had a beer…and then I found an old pack of 6 Oreos…and then I put PB on one of them…and then I had a little 80 calorie dessert bar…What is wrong with me… :[

Monday: 143.2 – Well this could’ve been worse.  Anyway I of course went back to my 1800 calories, and I never take any breaks from my workout program, and I’m doing the extra cardio during the day instead of before breakfast, so I was hoping the scale would drop down a good bit, but…

Tuesday: 142.9 – .3 pounds??? :'[

It’s just depressing because I don’t know what to do.  If I add more cardio or eat less food, I’m scared I’m actually going to put my body into starvation mode and gain weight.  Yes, I do need to be better on the weekends, and I am, as always, going to try harder next weekend, but the numbers on the scale ought to be dropping much faster during the week when I’m being good! What to do, what to do…


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