The Morning Weigh-In

Okay, time to revamp

I’ve been weighing myself almost daily, naked and after my morning pee, and the results have been dismal:

Sunday: 140.9

Monday: Missed weigh in

Tuesday: 141.4

Wednesday: 141.9

Thursday: 141.9

Friday: 141.8

Saturday: Missed weigh in

Sunday: 142.4!

This is a chart of first my old workout, and then the new, revamped workout I’m starting today to turn this train around:

Mondays: Ab workout, and circuit training prescribed by the book

Addition: 200 calories on cardio machines

Tuesdays: Interval running: 5 minute warm up, 16 minutes of alternating between high intensity running and lower intensity walking, 5 minute cool down

Addition: Same, but this must last until I burn at least 350 calories, so instead of 16 minutes, it’ll probably be more like 20

Wednesday: Ab workout, circuit training

Addition: 200 calories on cardio machines

Thursday: Interval running

Addition: Must burn at  least 400 calories in run

Friday: Circuit Training with extra leg exercises the other days’ program doesn’t include

Change: Now Friday will be the Abs workout that used to be on Saturday, plus some light cardio (this is basically the “rest” day)

Saturday: Ab workout, interval running

Change: Circuit Training with extra leg exercises the other days’ program doesn’t include, plus 200 calories of cardio

Sunday: Off

Change: 450 calories on machines

Other than the interval running, the cardio can be on the treadmill walking or running, or on the stationary bike, or the elliptical machine, or I can walk, jog or run outside, or swim, or play tennis, volleyball etc. (and then just guess at the calories).

This will mean way more calories burned throughout the week.  I’m into the idea of building muscle to burn fat, but the fact is, a couple extra pounds of muscle isn’t going to make up for all of the cardio I’ve dropped, so it’s time to bring it back.

Of course my diet has still changed in accordance with the Abs Diet, and the workouts are from the Abs book, and I’ve incorporated ideas from it into this schedule.  And I got those 12 lb weights, so that’s been good.  Anyway, we’ll see how this goes in the coming week.


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